Hey, Sooners! 

Join us for a pop-up class on international relations.

Culture Clash: Why Are We Having a Trade War?

You’ve probably heard “trade war” a lot in the news lately. However, the problem is far from new; in fact, it’s decades-old. This lecture will cover the cultural fundamentals driving China’s rise as a new world power, examine the policy decisions that have defined America’s position on China, and explore the path ahead in our current trade war.

The takeaway: You’ll better understand how relationships between world powers can impact your daily life (and your wallet). Plus, you'll be the most informed person at the water cooler.

Tuesday, October 15

7pm - 9pm

Elective Downtown

One World Trade

111 Vesey Street

New York, NY

Meet your instructor

Born and raised in the DC-metro area, Jackie Calbi has always been plugged-in to current events... no fake news there. With a passion for history and global affairs, she earned degrees in International Studies, Spanish, and Political Science from Lycoming College in 2010.


Since graduating, Jackie has worked in both the private and public-sectors on the global and military affairs front. A self-proclaimed China-watcher, Jackie uses the combination of culture, history, and political science to apply a less statistical and more historical trend analysis to current events. While not trying to understand the world, or day dreaming about her next vacation, she enjoys working out, basic brunches, Oxford commas, and baking apple pies.

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